Sony Playstation Vita 3G | Best Price

Search for the best prices and deals on the Sony PlayStation Vita 3G handheld games console which looks set to revolutionise the 3g handheld gaming industry with multiple ways for players to interact play, discover and connect to the internet via 3G. The 3G PS Vita features dual cameras, touch screen, , a 5inch OLED screen, six axis motion sensors, GPS and advanced connectivity via 3G and has been designed so its more comfortable to hold.

Originally codenamed Next generation Portable (NGP) by Sony to replace the PSP the new PS Vita 3G offers next generation gaming and social connectivity to twitter and facebook not seen before on a handheld device. The PS3 Vita 3G is Sonyís biggest release since the PS3 was released 5 years ago and demand for the new device will be high, thatís why we check the latest stock availability and the best price for the PS Vita 3G across our network of UK retailers throughout the day.

An exciting new feature of Sony's new PS Vita 3G has got to be its rear touch facility. This will allow gamers to use the OLED screen as a touch screen but the back of the PS Vita will act as a second interactive panel. Many of the forthcoming games for the Vita will use this advanced facility.

We constantly search the internet for the PlayStation Vita 3G best price and bring you the cheapest prices from the leading retailers such as Game, Tesco and Amazon which are updated throughout the day.

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